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Indian Head Massage

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Hot Stone Massage  OR

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

30 Minute Session  $40.00 

45 Minute Session $55.00

*Add to any Massage or Spa service - 20 Minute Session  $25.00

*See 'Spa Services' for great Add-On Treatments*

The benefits of Deep Tissue work with the use of these Basalt Volcanic Stones which are hand picked from the base of a volcano! These stones are superior to holding heat and contain magnesium and calcium (in addition to iron), which provides extra healing properties. The hot stones are used throughout the entire massage using them to get into the muscles in a soothing yet very deep and very therapeutic way.  
Hot stone massage has a number of therapeutic benefits including:
Stress and Anxiety reduction • Pain relief • Muscle relaxation • Toxin release • Mental clarity • Reduced depression symptoms • Increased metabolism • Improved circulation • Insomnia prevention
Enjoying this therapy loosens up your muscles, helps you relax, and allows work on your deepest muscles and  tissues. Hot stone massage puts your body in a deep state of relaxation that will aid in healing, pain relief, and provide multiple therapeutic benefits.​ The heat of these stones will take you to another level of relaxation and pain relief!

*Essential Oils can be added at no extra charge*

This a great way to reduce stress, tension and tension headaches. Some people even suffer from chronic tension headaches and regular scalp, face, neck and shoulder massage will greatly reduce the occurrence of headaches. Ultimate way to DE-STRESS!

Facial massage is definitely something that should be done more often! We hold a lot of stress and tension in our facial/jaw muscles and to have a gentle facial massage is very relaxing ad invigorating to the skin. There are many great benefits to facial massage. Do you suffer from clenching and grinding your teeth/TMJ ?? Then a facial massage is a MUST for you.

It has been shown in some studies that scalp massage can increase the production of endorphins and serotonin, helping to reduce stress, improve your mood and improve sleep. Regular scalp massage improves circulation, which means that there is better blood flow and nourishment to the hair follicles.This has been said to help promote hair growth and strengthen the roots.Strengthened hair follicles may mean better protection for the growing hair.

And like any type of massage, if it relaxes you, there’s certainly something to be said for it!

45 Minute Session   $45

60 Minute Session   $55 Special   (Reg. $75)

90 Minute Session   $75 Special   (Reg. $95)

Promotes Relaxation and Stress Relief, offers Immune Support, Decreases Pain and Inflammation and Elevates Mood! A clinical approach to applying Essential Oils along the Energy Meridians and Reflexology Points on the back and feet to help balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and bring Homeostasis of the body.

*Relaxation Massage can be done without the use of Essential Oils if you prefer*

60 Minute Session   $65.00 Special   (Reg. $95) 

90 Minute Session   $85.00 Special   (Reg. $125)

​Pure Bath And Body Relaxation Massage

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Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage with Essential Oils

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